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Specialist FXC FV 450 Reel

Pezon & Michel

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A high quality reel that has been developed for competition feeder anglers. Power and solidity are essential qualities in a top level feeder reel but our field testers have had considerable input into exactly what else feeder match anglers are looking for. The Speed Control drag button lets you go from free-spooling to fighting drag position with a ¾ turn of the button. This is a real bonus when targeting carp or barbel in particular. Fitted with two metal line clips to help you keep your fishing distances accurate all through a session. The gearing is smooth and powerful – ideal for anglers who regularly land big bags of fish or fish at long range with heavy feeders. A thoroughbred feeder reel!

Plus points:
- Body and rotor in light and strong composite material
- Infinite anti-reverse
- Aluminium spool LC (long cast) lip* and shallow spool with anti-slide band
*designed for a more fluid line transit over the spool lip for better casting performance.
- 2 Metal line clips
- Spare aluminium spool
- S-curve spiral oscillation system
- Long life pick-up spring
- Consolidated bail arm
- Anti-spin line guide
- Progressive micrometric drag system
- Speed Control drag button goes from free-spool to powerful fighting drag in less than a turn
- One touch fold away handle
- Separate double handle
- “Easygrip” handle

Spare Spool: 1
Spool Capacity Line: 0.20mm/ 200m
Weight (g): 398
Ratio: 5.5
Line cm/Handle Turn: 95
Needle Bearing: 1
Ball Bearings: 6