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Lake Brown 1kg


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Medium rich groundbait for lake and canal fishing.  A great roach groundbait with a distinctive chocolate-vanilla smell and dark brown colour.  Easy to mix by hand or with a whisk and takes about half a litre of water per kilo.  The finished mix is very light and suitable for fishing on soft bottoms.  The groundbait is active and gives off tiny bubbles as it works.  These are exaggerated once roach start nosing the feed.  Works equally well in winter or summer.  A versatile base groundbait that can easily be added to other Mondial F. mixes.  Widely used by top match anglers.

Sticky Power: 2/4
Rich: 2/4
Density: 2/4
Bream: 3/4
Carp: 2/4
Roach: 4/4